Chapter 1: Contextualising Psychological Assessment in South Africa –

S. Laher & K. Cockcroft

 Section 1 – Cognitive Tests: Conceptual and Practical Applications

Chapter 2: WAIS-III Test Performance in the South African Context – A. Shuttleworth-Edwards, Gaylard & S. Radloff

Chapter 3: WISC-IV Test Performance in the South African Context – A. Shuttleworth Edwards

Chapter 4: Senior South African Individual Scales Revised – K. Cockcroft

Chapter 5: Assessing  School Readiness using the Junior South African Individual Scales – L. Theron

Chapter 6: School Readiness Assessment in South Africa – Z. Amod & D. Heafield

Chapter 7: Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children – K. Greenop, J. Fry & D. de Sousa

Chapter 8: The Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System – Z. Amod

Chapter 9: Dynamic Assessment in South Africa – Z. Amod & J. Seabi

Chapter 10: The Learning Potential Computerised Adaptive Test (LPCAT) – M. de Beer

Chapter 11: APIL and TRAM learning potential assessment instruments – T. Taylor

Chapter 12: The Griffiths Mental Development Scales – L. Jacklin & K. Cockcroft

Chapter 13: Neuropsychological Assessment in South Africa – M. Lucas

Section 2 – Personality and Projective tests: Conceptual and Practical Applications

Chapter 14: The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) in South Africa – N. Taylor, R. van Eeden, C. Prinsloo

Chapter 15: Using the Fifteen Factor Questionnaire Plus in South Africa – N. Tredoux

Chapter 16: The Basic Traits Inventory – N. Taylor, G.P. de Bruin

Chapter 17: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) in South Africa – K. Knott, N. Taylor, Y. Nieuwoudt

Chapter 18: The NEO-PI-R in South Africa – S. Laher

Chapter 19: Using the Occupational Personality Profile (OPPro) in South Africa – N. Tredoux

Chapter 20: Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) – T. Joubert & N. Venter

Chapter 21: The Millon Inventories in South Africa – R. Patel & S. Laher

Chapter 22: Assessment in Routine Clinical and Counselling Settings – D. Edwards & C. Young

Chapter 23: Assessment and Monitoring of Symptoms in the Treatment of Psychological Problems – C. Young & D. Edwards

Chapter 24: Projective Assessment of Adults and Children in South Africa – K. Bain, Z. Amod & R. Gericke

Chapter 25: The use of the Children’s Apperception Test in South Africa – R. Gericke & K. Bain

Chapter 26: Projective Assessment using the Draw-A-Person (DAP) and Kinetic Family Drawing (KFD) in South Africa – Z. Amod, R. Gericke & K. Bain

Chapter 27: The Rorschach in South Africa – M. Brink

Section 3 – Assessment Approaches and Methodologies 

Chapter 28: Ethical perspectives in assessment – N. Coetzee

Chapter 29: Using computerised and Internet-based testing in South Africa – N. Tredoux

Chapter 30: The ImPACT Neurocognitive Screening Test – A. Shuttleworth-Edwards, V. Whitefield & S. Radloff

Chapter 31: A Family Consultation Model of Child Assessment – Z. Amod

Chapter 32: Qualitative career assessment in South Africa – M. Watson & M. McMahon

Chapter 33: Psychological Assessment and workplace transformation in South Africa: A review of the research literature – F. Donald, K. Milner, A. Thatcher

Chapter 34: Assessment of Prior Learning: A South African perspective – R. Osman

Chapter 35: Large Scale Assessment Studies in South Africa: Issues in Reporting to teachers – A. Kanjee

Chapter 36: Current and Future Trends in Psychological Assessment in South Africa: Challenges and Opportunities – S. Laher & K. Cockcroft

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