Chapter 33: Psychological Assessment and workplace transformation in South Africa: A review of the research literature

AUTHORS: F. Donald, K. Milner, A. Thatcher

ABSTRACT: Psychological assessment in South African organisations has been a highly contested domain. During the 1990’s there was a backlash against the use of psychological assessment techniques, in particular psychometric testing, within organisations as the fairness, and particularly cross cultural fairness of psychological assessment methods came under increasing scrutiny. This chapter will assess how far we have come in addressing the concerns and controversies surrounding the use of psychological assessment methods in the South African workplace. The chapter will use the construct of organisational justice as a framework for organising and evaluating both research and practice in the field of psychological assessment in the workplace. It will cover the key traditional topics associated with assessment in South African organisations, such as legal requirements, fairness, reliability and validity but will attempt to take these issues to the next level by explicating the role of psychological assessment in an organisation’s Human Resources strategy.    Such an approach will enable a clear sighted appraisal of the ways in which psychological assessment can contribute to, or detract from, an institution’s ability to meet individual, group and organisational goals within the context of organisational transformation in South Africa.

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