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Bias (articles and links)

Culture (articles and links)

Conducting research on WEIRD samples

Legislation for psychologists, registered counsellors and psychometrists in South Africa

HPCSA Contact details

HPCSA Policy Guidelines (ethics + scope of practice + undesirable business practice docs)

HPCSA Rules and Regulations

International Test Commission Guidelines for Translating and Adapting Tests

International Test Commission International Guidelines for Test Use

Local Psychology Journals

Organisations associated with psychology and psychological assessment (links to websites)

Paediatric Neuropsychological Assessment (list of local and international texts for this area)

Psychological Assessment textbooks (list of local and international textbooks for psychological assessment)

Psychological Assessment in Organisational settings

Psychological tests (readings on tests/areas in addition to those in the book)

Response Bias (articles and links)

Reliability and Validity (articles and links)

Testing in South Africa (articles and links)

Test Publishers/Developers/Distributors (links to websites)

Psychological Assessment Journals (list of journals)

Analytical Issues (articles and links)

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